Схема sony da-778

схема sony da-778
Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great dealsVisit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customersContact your Sony Support teamBook, track or maybe even avoid a repairNever miss an update again! After charging the battery POWER switch OPEN The CHG (charge) lamp turns off when the battery is fully charged. Page 98: Screen Language Step 7: Setting the Insert a cassette with its window-side facing up. screen language Window-side You can select the language to be used on the LCD screen. MENU Push the center of the back of the cassette lightly.

Page 168 Symptom Cause and/or Corrective Actions For Windows 2000 TRV270E/285E: The image does not appear on the Log on as Administrators. screen of the Windows computer Check that your camcorder is connected to a computer. when using the USB cable. Close all applications running on the computer before installing the software. Recording movies Slide the POWER switch until the CAMERA lamp lights up. Operation Menu Turn ON/OFF the spindle. 1. Changer Open/Close Test Focus Search the focus and turn on the focus.

The calculated start position for recording is set. True Laser Light Engine Sony’s Z-Phosphor 3LCD Laser Light Source projectors incorporate a true laser light engine and achieve up to 7,000 lm exceptional Color Light Output. Page 38 HCD-DP900D Ver 1.1 2002.03 6-15. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM – MAIN (2/3) SECTION – • See page 22 for Waveforms. • See page 56 for IC Pin Function. Slide the OPEN/ Insert the cassette with… Page 88: Start Recording While Checking The Subject On The Lcd Screen Start recording while checking the subject on the LCD screen. Page 90: Supplied Items Getting started RMT-830: ( TRV285E) Step 1: Checking supplied items A/V connecting cable (1) Make sure you have following items supplied Monaural: ( TRV238E/438E) with your camcorder. Customizing Your Camcorder… Page 125 The default settings are marked with G. The Using the settings you can adjust vary depending on the power mode of your camcorder.

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